InnoVEX 2024 Special Page

Magna Wireless (MWC) was spun off in June 2023 from the 5G division of ABIT, a company renowned for developing, manufacturing, and selling wireless communication equipment in Japan. We possess expertise in hardware design, modem development, and 3GPP protocol implementation, offering cutting-edge wireless communication prototype products. Our main products include local 5G equipment, comprising both base stations and mobile stations. MWC's local 5G equipment features URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication), ensuring low latency and highly reliable communication for mission-critical use cases. Our primary customers are Japanese research institutes and major companies. To further expand our business, we are seeking global partners for development, manufacturing, and sales.

Global business partner!
Join us our global business team.

1.Development, manufacturing, integrationbusiness partner!  

2.Joint marketing and business development partner!

3.Sales promotion business partner!


Open-up unexploited market with 5G/ 6G technologies!   

5G Module for URLLC
XG network ultra low-latency digital signal processing LSI & module.

1. SDR (software define radio) modem with external RF front-end.

2. 3GPP compliant protocol suit and easy to customize parameters.

3. Ultra low-latency and low-jitter digital processing.


Focused on URLLC, cellular communication module  

AU-650 series Local 5G system
The first Local 5G system, Just focus on URLLC

1. Simple system, all-in one type gNodeB with free license 5GC.

2. Focused on URLLC and non-IP packet support for FA protocol.

3. Ultra-low latency and low jitter for real-time applications.


The best platform for mission critical wireless system